Day 3: Wednesday

Goal Setting. 

It’s very important to have something inspiring your journey, that will keep you going when times get tough. Because they will get tough- we live with autoimmune disease! It’s just a fact of life. So we need to be prepared with our best tools.  

Today, I ask you to think about your inspiration.

Why are you here?

What do you want to accomplish?

What do you want to change in your life through daily exercise? 

Here’s mine: 

My personal inspiration was born from the fact that I was simply tired of being the mom who always said no, I can’t. Whenever my kids asked me to play, I would say, No, sorry I can’t. And I realized that my chronic pain was taking my most valuable thing away from me- my joy and laughter and time spent with my kids. 

This was back in 2012-2016, and my goal was “To live pain free so I can be the fun mom I always wanted to be.”

As I have gone through my healing journey, and I have gotten much stronger and more capable, I no longer have to say no. I now say yes, all the time. My kids can’t remember a time when their mom wasn’t strong enough. And since then, my life has changed significantly. Back then, I had quit my job because I was too exhausted and sick to work. But now- I have enough energy and zest for life that I now spend my days working, AND taking care of the kids, and all of the other things!! So, my goals have now shifted a bit.

My goal is now “To stay flare-up free so I can work hard on making Autoimmune Strong the best it can be, while still having energy left over for myself and my family, AND energy in my reserves for the next day and the day after that.” 

These inspirations are the backbone to every choice I make. Every time I chose a healthy food option or I made time in my busy day to exercise, or I chose to take a rest. I do those things because they will help me feel my best so that I have the best possible chance of achieving my my goal. 

My goals are not focused on delivering upon other people’s expectations. These goals are focused on me and my dreams. Don’t let your dreams and goals be about pleasing anyone else but you, ok? 

So tell me: What’s your goal? What inspires and drives you to live flare-up and pain free? 

In the Autoimmune Strong Journal, there is a space for goal setting. I want you to make notes about what your inspiration is. 

    1. Why are you doing this? 

    2. How do you want to feel when this is over? 

    3. Complete this sentence: 

“I want to live pain free so I can… 

Post your sentence completion here and share it with the Facebook group.

Bonus: If you started abdominal bracing yesterday, practice it again 1-3 times today, with a 1-30 second hold. If you are ready to start, click here to watch the video.

Andrea Wool