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Foam Rollers

There are many different types of foam rollers. They all accomplish the same goal of releasing the fascia, but they each do it a little differently, based on their shape and size. 

Long foam rollers are the most basic types of foam rollers. You will find them in every gym. They are great for beginners, and work really well at getting to the larger muscle groups, like the quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves. They are also used for the chest stretches performed in Autoimmune Strong. The white one is the softest, and is best for people who are super sensitive, very tight, or are highly prone to flare-ups. The black one is more dense, which allows you to get a deeper foam rolling experience. 

Peanut shaped rollers are great for getting into deeper crevices, as well as getting into your back, shoulders, arms, neck, and even your head!!! The grey one is the softest, and is good for people who are super sensitive, tight, and easily prone to flares. The black one is denser and works deeper into the muscles, giving a greater release. 

Infinity Roller Hard.jpg

Infinity Roller- Firm

Infinity Roller Soft.jpg

Infinity Roller- Soft

Mini Infinity Roller

This roller is tiny, but it's perfect for hands, wrists, arms and feet! A perfect compliment to your foam rolling routine!

Knot Out.jpg

Various Sizes of Rollers

Check out the tiny ones for feet and wrists!

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Soft Roller.jpg

Softest Foam Roller Option

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Hard Roller.jpg

Traditional Foam Roller Option

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Tiger Tial.jpg

Tiger Tail Roller

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Dumbell Storage.jpg


You can buy them at any big box store, or even at the dollar store!

Or you can buy them online- here is a cute way to store the dumbbells you will need


Empower Yoga Knee Pad

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Nuun Lemon Lime Electrolyte Enhanced Drink Tablets

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Fine Ground Celtic Sea Salt

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Autoimmune Strong Food Guide


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Magnesium Creams

Magnesium Cream is used to help your body relax. Magnesium is a calming mineral, and it can bring peace to your body in many different ways. Here are some of the ways I use it. I rub a little on my feet and calves before bed to help me relax and drift into a blissful sleep. If I happen to wake up in the middle of the night, magnesium cream on my feet helps me fall back to sleep. It also helps me during times of panic attacks, high anxiety, and pms. I even use it on my kid's feet to help them sleep. It can also be used on sore muscles, or muscle spasms, or to reduce restless leg syndrome. Magnesium oils do exist, but I prefer the cream, I find it works better for me. 

Here are three brands of magnesium cream that I recommend: 

Natural Vitality.jpg

Natural Vitality Cream Natural Calm

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Life Flo.jpg

Life-Flo Magnesium Lotion

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Ancient Minerals.jpg

Ancient Minerals Magnesium lotion ultra + msm

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