Andrea's Story


Almost 6 years ago, I was very sick. I had just given birth to my second son, and I just knew something was really wrong with my body. I was exhausted and I had constant, fiery and intense pain all over my body at all times.

I needed constant support from my mom and my husband just to make it through each day. Simple everyday things like playing on the floor with my 3 year old son, carrying my infant up the stairs, or going to the grocery store felt impossible. The exhaustion was intense and overwhelming.

I knew that I needed a movement plan, in order to develop strength to help me get through the daily demands of my life. So I hired a personal trainer at my local gym and started to "work out". She would push me to do things harder, faster and heavier. And while there were times when I felt really powerful and strong, over time I found this experience to be really tough on my body. I would go through cycles where I would feel great for a week and then I would be crushed for two weeks with exhaustion and fatigue. My progress in the gym would inevitably be set back. 

I decided to listen to my body's intuition, which told me I needed a different type of program, one that was gentler and less aggressive. I did some research and I designed myself a step by step program that I felt was right for me. After a few months of this self-designed protocol, I was starting to feel better and I realized that I was on the right path. But I was by no means back to “normal”- and I needed to know how to get there. I wanted to know what I was missing. So I made a big decision. I went back to school to become a certified personal trainer and nutritional therapy practitioner so I could learn about fitness and food, and progress deeper into my own healing.

I started to feel much better, and when I was finally was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and multiple autoimmune diseases, my doctors were amazed at my personal healing journey using only food and movement.


I am feeling great these days. I can’t even believe that I am the same person. It has been a slow recovery, and it’s not finished yet. But 6 years later, I am now capable of doing things I didn’t think were possible. I have been able to return to the active lifestyle I used to enjoy before I got sick, like running and yoga. And I am learning new things too- I have recently started to lift heavy weights and do crossfit workouts.

But most importantly for me, I am now able to keep up with my kids. They are insanely active and now, I am capable of running around with them. I am strong enough to carry them on my shoulders, I have the endurance to play tag, I can tackle them and rough-house without my body feeling intense pain. My children have no memory of a “sick” mom- they only know me as I am today. And for that, I am eternally grateful.   

My kids inspire me every day to stay healthy, stay strong, and to keep moving.

What is your inspiration? Are you ready to become Autoimmune Strong?