Curried Chicken Salad

I am always looking for new ways to make chicken exciting and easy. I stumbled on this idea after going out for dinner with my family. We were at a pizza place, and even though my son was enjoying his slice- he kept trying to eat off my plate (using a clean fork of course so as not to expose me to the gluten). I was eating a curried chicken salad, and since he loved it so much, I told him I would make my homemade version that he could take for school lunch. 

Since then I have had a number of houseguests who have flipped over this salad. I promised my mom I would post this recipe so she could make it at home. So mom- this one is for you.

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Bacon & Balsamic Glazed Red Cabbage

I am always on the lookout for yummy vegetables, especially when I am cooking for a crowd. I am always surprised when people say- “Oh, I don’t like vegetables.” And I say- really? Well, did you try mine? (My secret, of course, is bacon fat).

This cabbage recipe is super easy to make and perfect for fall, when there is lots of farm grown red cabbage. It goes well with almost any main dish. I have used it as a side for roast chicken, bbq chicken tacos, or on a bed of spinach greens with fried eggs on top. It’s a super versatile side dish that pairs well with almost anything due to its salty sweet finish.

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Fibromyalgia- Tips on Managing Pain & Flare-ups from Julie Ryan

I had the pleasure of chatting with Julie Ryan, the author behind the blog Counting My Spoons. Her blog is inspired by The Spoon Theory- an incredibly accurate description of what it feels like to be living with chronic pain and other invisible illnesses.  When I was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I felt such relief when someone shared this spoon theory with me- I felt that finally, someone described the struggle that I go through each day, just to get through my day, dealing with pain and exhaustion. This spoon theory had put into words something I was never able to articulate before. Click here to read it. 

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Andrea Wool
Parsley & Spinach Pesto

True story, I eat a lot of chicken. And I am always looking for a way to create a new flavor. So when my husband bought parsley for a recipe that he never made, I was inspired to use the leftovers. Instead of letting that old parsley rot in my fridge, I turned it into a pesto variation, using only things I had in my pantry.  And I had a a-ha moment- this pesto is delicious! So I wanted to share it with you. It's so easy! There is only 1 step.  

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recipesAndrea Wool
Carrot Cake Cookies!

I was so inspired by this post by Twist of Lemons that I wanted to make my own adapted version of these cookies. For me, coconut is not always my friend, so I try to limit the use of coconut in my recipes. AND- I always try to cram as much protein as possible into my snacks, to keep my muscles strong and my skin glowing. This is a scrumptious way to combine veggies and protein for a yummy snack that still tastes like a treat. My kids love them!!!

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10 Important Tips for Managing a Flare-Up

Even though I consider myself Autoimmune Strong, there are still a few days where I struggle. My flare-ups are usually kicked off by lack of sleep- which is hard to control while living with small children. This week, my kids have been sick and needing me often throughout the night. So instead of my typical 8 hours of sleep, I am getting about 5, broken up throughout the night. Every time I go back to sleep, I am called upon to soothe a nightmare, stop a bloody nose, or change a sweaty t-shirt. When Matt travels for work, this becomes especially tough on my body, as there is nobody else to give me some respite.  

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4 Easy Exercises to Reduce Stiffness & Pain

We all have been told over and over again that daily exercise is good for us. And yes- it is indeed true. And it stands true even more for people with autoimmune disorders, as daily movement has been shown to have a major impact on the reduction of physical and metal symptoms of autoimmune disease and other chronic pain disorders such as fibromyalgia and lyme disease. (click here to read more on this topic)   

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Strengthening the Core: Pelvic Floor

In this kick-off post for the Autoimmune Strong blog, I wanted to talk more about the core. Get it? An apple core? Ok, but seriously, I wanted to give you more information about one of my most essential foundations, Abdominal Bracing. And you don’t even need to be a member to learn how to do this Abdominal Bracing Technique- just download my free video by scrolling to the bottom of the homepage (click here) and you can follow along while I teach this important technique.

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