Day 4: Thursday

Thank you for sharing your goals with us yesterday!

Today we are going to get a little deeper here and talk about long term goals vs short term goals. 

Yesterday, you wrote your inspirations and goals out. I want you to look at them again and evaluate them. Are they long term goals or short term goals? 

Long term goals are goals that are big dreams. Things that will take you awhile to accomplish. This that are not necessarily tangible, but that you will know when you get there. My original goal was “To live pain free so I can be the fun mom I always wanted to be.” It’s not very specific, and it was a very long term goal. But after working towards it for a long time, one day I realized- I made it! I am here!

Short term goals are more specific, and drive us forward day by day. I like to make short term goals to be really achievable- because if you get to your short term goal, there is a feeling of pride that keeps you going. 

Short term goals can be things like: I am going to do my Autoimmune Strong exercise every other day for two weeks OR I want to be able to do 30 seconds of abdominal bracing without stopping.

So- take a look at your goal setting and evaluate- is your goal short term or long term? Is it tangible or vague? Then- modify your goals accordingly.

On the journal, complete the long term goal and short term goal section.

This is practice for things to come. If this feels really uncomfortable to you- tell me about it!!!! 

Today’s 3 Steps: 

  1. In the Autoimmune Strong Journal, evaluate your goals from yesterday- are they long term or short term? 

  2. Create new or updated goals- long term and short term. 

  3. Share them with the Facebook group or email me below- and tell us about this goal setting process and how it’s going for you!

Bonus: Remember on Day 1 when I told you that this was habit setting week? We are not going to move forward with exercise yet. We going to continue with abdominal bracing- and we will be doing so for the rest of the week. If you started abdominal bracing yesterday, practice it again 1-3 times today, with a 1-30 second hold. If you are ready to start, click here to watch the video. And if you do want to go forward and try the next video- you can certainly do so- but ask yourself- am I overdoing??

Andrea Wool