Day 2: Tuesday

After doing Autoimmune Strong, here are the changes I experienced:
— I now exercise on a regular basis; it’s now a part of my schedule, BUT . . .
— I’ve also learned how to listen to my body and take breaks or do modifications; pushing harder is not the answer
— I’ve gotten stronger . . . enough to have a good foundation to build on
— I learned how to manage a flare without completely throwing in the towel; and that I CAN improve - I just have to do it the way MY body needs it :)
— Lisa, Happy Autoimmune Strong member

It was so awesome to meet you all yesterday!

Thank you all for sharing your stories with me- and with each other. I think it’s so important to understand that you are not alone in this.

I know you started the 30 Day Challenge yesterday expecting to begin the workout.

I told you this was different from traditional 30 Day Challenges!

You would have been doing 100 burpees by now!

But not here at Autoimmune Strong.

This week is all about preparation, which is incredibly important, setting a good foundation is perhaps even more important than the workout itself- it will prevent you from “falling off the wagon” in the days to come.

Success comes over the long term, through consistency not intensity.

Yesterday, you made the commitment to me and to the others in the group that you will trust this process. But most importantly, you made the commitment to yourself that you will trust this process, and show up for this!

Today, we begin the exercise process.

If you are a brand new member or a returning member who is starting over or starting for the first time, begin by watching Video 1: Abdominal Bracing in Level 1, as well as the corresponding modification video.

You have the following options:

  1. You can simply watch the video. You do not need to practice the movement just yet. Just watching is a great step towards preparing for that brain to body connection. Your body will have a better concept of what it is supposed to do if you watch the video first.

  2. Watch the modification video and decide which version of abdominal bracing is right for you- on the floor or on the wall. They both work great. Pick the one that you think matches your body where it’s at.

  3. If you feel ready to practice the move, go for it (but no pressure, just watching is totally fine). The next decision you need to make is how long to hold it for. The 30 seconds instructed in the video might be way too much for you in the beginning. So, start with what feels doable. A 1 second hold, a 5 second hold, a 10 second hold- any of these options are great.

If you are a returning member who is already working through the program- you have a choice.

  1. You can go back to the beginning and practice abdominal bracing again- which has tons of benefits. Going back to the beginning helps you to do deeper, and to discover things in a new way. You will see how your muscles engage in a new deeper way.


  2. Keep going forward with your current plan. This is great too! Each day with the 30 Day Challenge will be a little different, some days will be exercise focused, and many more will be mindset and behavior focused- so you will learn a lot regardless.

Today’s task is to email me and tell me: what is your plan of action for Day 2?

And… after you watch the first video or do your exercise today, please post on Facebook and tell us all how it went!

Andrea Wool