Day 1: Monday: Let’s Get This Started!

Today we begin! It’s Day 1 of the 30 Day Challenge! 

Watch this video and follow the instructions. 

You can do this! I believe in you!!!


You are amazing for showing up on Day 1! That is a huge step in- so you should be proud of yourself.

Week 1 is all about creating habits. We are not going to push hard. Instead, we are going to just get used to the process of showing up.

Today, on Day 1, your homework is all around solidifying the commitment you made to yourself to be here.

Here are your first steps:

Step One:

Click the button below and tell me that you will trust this process and that you will do your best to show up for 30 days. This will help you deepen your commitment to yourself- because when you put that commitment in writing, you will be more successful in making it happen.

Step Two:

Join the 30 Day Challenge Members Only Facebook Group and introduce yourself.

Tell the group why you chose to participate in the 30 Day Challenge. Finish your introduction with this statement: “I promise to trust this process, no matter what obstacles stand in my way.”

(This step is optional- you don’t have to be a Facebook member to be included)

Step Three:

Go the to the Start Here Page, and:

  1. Follow the instructions,

  2. Read the Intro Guide, and

  3. Select your calendar. Are you A, B, or C?

We will begin with the first exercise tomorrow. So use today to deepen that commitment to yourself, and make a promise to show up again tomorrow.

With Love,


Andrea Wool