The Goldilocks Principle

Facebook Live February 11, 2019

In this video Andrea teaches you all about finding that sweet spot of exercising in a way that feels good and doesn't cause a flare-up. This means slowing down your exercise ambitions and working smarter not harder to achieve real long-term results. Hear about her recent experience and challenge in the gym- stopping, even though she felt great! There is no one size fits all approach- and in this video, Andrea teaches you how to tune in and listen to what your body really needs. Here you will learn about the Autoimmune Strong “rule of one quarter” to find your baseline to begin your exercise plan safely and effectively. Andrea will help guide you to understand how you can meet yourself where you are and build on a solid foundation. Five seconds of the right exercise is better than five minutes of the wrong exercise that will lead to a flare up.

Andrea Wool