Explaining the Connection Between Stress, Exercise and Autoimmune Disease

Facebook Live, Monday Jan 28, 2019


In this video, Andrea talks about the relationship between stress, exercise and autoimmune disease. You’ll learn about different types of stress and how to manage stress and exercise when living with autoimmune disease.

Andrea will explain exercise intolerance which stems from a lower tolerance from exercise, stress and raising cortisol levels than those not living with chronic illness. This can lead to an exercise-induced symptom flare of an autoimmune disease. You’ll hear more about symptoms of this type of flare and how to detect and prevent it.

Exercise as been medically proven to reduce the symptoms of Autoimmune disease. But many trainers and doctors do not understand the concept of exercise intolerance for those living with chronic illness. The key is to make sure your exercise is just enough that you get the benefits of exercise but you don’t put too much stress on you body that your body can’t handle it.

Andrea Wool