How I Use Music for Motivation


There are so many days where it becomes hard to motivate to get the exercise done. But I know exercise will ultimately make me feel better!

So on days when I’m distracted, want to prioritize other things or just don’t “feel like it” I use music to get myself going.

I’ve made myself a few playlists of music that inspires me, music that makes me want to move. And I made a promise to myself that for the length of the first song, I will try. I will do something. Even if it’s just dancing around like a silly person. Nobody’s watching, right?


And more often than not when the first song ends and the second one starts I’m already in it, feeling better and SO ready to keep going! The music lifts me up mentally when I know if I skipped the movement I’d end up in a downward slump of negativity.

You can try out my “one song” tactic with my playlists or make your own!

Autoimmune Strong Pop Playlist

Andrea Wool