Tips to Create a Morning Routine


Mornings can be tough…but they also set the tone for the day. So I’ve worked to create a morning routine that gets me started on the right foot. 

I know I feel so much better when I exercise so part of my morning routine includes exercise. But, it’s about more than just exercise. Your mornings can set you up to achieve goals big and small.  And when it comes to exercise keeping my intentions clear is so key to remaining successful.

Once I am in a consistent daily routine that includes exercise, my body craves it!. When I skip for too many days in a row I really feel the difference. I’m stiff and sore, and the pain that I used to feel all over starts creeping back in. My brain gets foggy, and I have a hard time concentrating on anything. 

Once I’m in the groove of it, it’s easier to be motivated. 

But the getting started part? The process of getting into that routine? Well, it’s hard. 

I made a quick video talking about how I approach my mornings.  

Andrea Wool