Day 19: Friday

Today- Calendar B & C are going to be working on Foot & Ankle, while Calendar A is working on Hips & Glutes.

Yesterday, we did ankle and foot observations out in the world.

And today's challenge will be similar- but related to those hips & glutes!

In the hips & glutes video, I talk about glute amnesia. Let's be honest, our butts spend so much time in a chair that they are stretched out and underactive- so let's begin to gain some awareness around this issue.

Your challenge today is to do the following:

  1. Make a list of all the different places you sat down in today.

  2. How long did you sit for in each of those places? How many hours in total today did you spend sitting?

  3. When you move around the world, can you feel your butt muscles working? Or do they feel like they are asleep most of the day?

  4. Can you schedule in breaks from your sitting? To walk around for a minute? Or to do a hip/glute stretch?

Tell me all about it! Visibility on this issue will help us deepen our commitment to this process- because the real glute work begins in Level 3- so we need to stay committed in order to get there! Email me or post in Facebook!

Andrea Wool