Day 18: Thursday

For Calendar B & C, it's a rest day. Hooray!

For Calendar A, it's a foot & ankle day. So- let's think more about our feet & ankles today.

We underestimate the importance of our feet & ankles. So, today let's celebrate these body parts!

I want you to do the following things:

  1. Pick 3 different types of ground surfaces: grass, pavement, tile flooring, wood flooring, carpet, rocks, dirt- whatever you have access to. Walk on them first with shoes and then barefoot. How do these surfaces feel on your feet? Do your feet feel different as you walk on these different surfaces? What differences do you observe with the shoes versus the bare feet? Do your ankles have to work harder without the shoes?

  2. As you walk through the world today, I want you to observe how often you are required to be on one foot. When does that happen for you? (Hint: it happens all the time, if you pay attention!)

  3. And as you walk on these different surfaces, barefoot or not, on one leg or not- where does short foot come in for you? Can you activate it throughout your day? Or does it still feel like hard work for your body? When you practice short foot in the mirror, do you feel and see the postural difference?

Tell me- in these observations- do you feel more connected to your body? And to your feet and ankles in particular? Tell me via email or on Facebook!

Andrea Wool