Day 17: Wednesday

Today, all calendars are on foam rolling!!! This is cause for celebration, because I know that by now, you are all foam rolling converts. You love it, right? Hurts so good!

Well- today I want to challenge you to this about something very important, and related to foam rolling. WATER!

Hydration is SO important!!! Our bodies are made up of 65% water. This is why hydration is so important- when our body doesn't have the right amount of water in balance we can begin to feel sick. Dehydration can often mimic a flare-up, or even be the thing that kickstarts an actual flare-up! Additionally, when we foam roll, we begin to kick up a lot of the toxic junk that has been living in our tight fascia, so we need extra water to flush all of that junk out.

How much water should we be drinking a day? Half our body weight! It's a ton of water, I know! But it's oh so important.

So, here's how to calculate it:

Let's use this example. Say you weigh 140 lbs. Half that is 70 lbs- which means you need to drink 70 ounces of water a day. That is your minimum amount of water you need to drink.

So- start by calculating how much water you need to drink. Next step, start measuring how much water you actually drink in a day. I bet once you start paying attention to it that you will realize that you are not drinking nearly enough water. And yes, as you increase your water intake you will be peeing more- and that's a good thing! It flushes your system out and keeps it free from toxins and working right.

And the final step?

If you are experiencing any muscle cramps or feel like water just isn't tasting good to you- try adding electrolytes to your water. I do this by either adding a pinch of natural sea salt (not regular table salt!) to your water. Or add electrolytes to your water. I have added links to the bonus section of the salt and electrolytes that I use so you can order it there if you want.

Tell me all about your water drinking? Are you drinking enough? Is this a hard challenge for you? Email me or share on Facebook!

Andrea Wool