Day 16: Tuesday

Today, all calendars are back to abdominal bracing!!!

By now, you might be feeling like this practice of abdominal bracing is getting easier. In the beginning, it can be difficult to coordinate all three components- the tuck, suck and squeeze- all at once, and maybe now you are finding it easier to do? Maybe you can hold it for longer? Maybe you are finding that you can do it without holding so much tension in your neck? Or maybe it's easier to breathe while bracing? Maybe you are starting to brace as you are out and about in life? You can feel your bracing activate as you are reaching for something on the shelf at the market, or lifting the laundry basket at home? Tell me, what leaps are you experiencing in you

So today the challenge is to work on ab bracing like the calendar says, but let's kick it up a notch (Autoimmune Strong style). Try holding it for 5 more seconds than you did the last time. Can you do it? I bet you can. Another option is to add 1 more repetition. If you are bracing 3 times and holding it, try 4 times today. And tell me either through email or on the Facebook page- how does that feel?

Andrea Wool