Day 15: Monday

Ok- time for review. I think it’s really important to take a minute to think about where you came from before you think about where you are going.

The first week was very much focused on mindset. We took the time to think about our goals, both long term and short term. We need to have both inspirational and aspirational things to drive us. We also need daily and weekly goals that keep us accountable and help us to move towards our hopes and dreams.

The second week was about getting our groove on with exercise. We started putting one step in front of the other, working through the calendars and the videos. We are practicing making time in our days for exercise, despite the unpredictable nature of our lives. It’s not easy, but you all are finding time in the day to exercise!

Now, it’s time to keep going. This is where things get difficult. The excitement of doing something new has worn off. You are two weeks in- and maybe it’s getting harder to make it a priority. So I want to take a minute to talk about the challenges you have faced in the last two weeks.

What obstacles have come up in the last two weeks? Are you feeling resistance come up when you think about exercising this week? What is getting in your way? I want you to think about these things… and what you can do to get past it.

So- post on the Facebook page and tell me- are you feeling stuck? Or are you flying? Tell me all about it!!!

PS- We are doing this mindset exercise today- but don’t stop exercising! Keep going to the next video!!!

Andrea Wool