Day 20: Saturday

It's workout time!!!!

Let's warm up and work out!

Calendar B & C are on Stretch Video 1 & Workout 1, while Calendar A is on Stretch Video 1 & Workout 2!

What's the difference between the workout videos & the instructional videos?

The workout videos are a step up in challenge and difficulty! I do less talking than in the instructional videos and more moving. And instead of doing one exercise at a time, we begin to link the movements together one after another. This increases the difficulty because there is less rest time and more movement.

The stretch video is a must to do before you do a workout. It gets your muscles warm and ready to move! Stretching before a workout prevents injury and reduces soreness later.

Give the workouts a go and let me know what you think? Too hard? Just right? Email me or post on Facebook!

Andrea Wool