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Complete access to the ONLY fitness program designed for people with autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia and other types of chronic illness

Four progressive levels of exercises, all designed to build strength, mobility and flexibility without kick-starting a flare

Instructional videos AND workout videos- so you can learn the moves before you practice them

A modification exercise series, designed to help people with limited mobility get fit

The Autoimmune Strong nutrition ebook

A fitness calendar to help you stay on track

An accountability buddy pairing for motivation and support

A membership in the Autoimmune Strong Facebook community

A monthly 1h community call, where we all get to share stories and ask questions, hosted by Andrea

The Autoimmune Strong Tracking Journal, to help you track your progress and learn how to more effectively listen to your body’s cues

✔ AND… the 30 Day support challenge!


A word from Andrea about the 30 Day Challenge


Hear what current members say:


 "Autoimmune Strong is making a world of difference in my life...

The self-paced program is easy to follow and easy to customize to your needs. Some of the exercises seem so easy and simple you will question why you are doing them. Believe me when I say you will know the next day!  And you will be glad you listened when Andrea told you not to push yourself. 

Before Autoimmune Strong there were places on my body I could not tolerate being touched they hurt so much. Today most of those places are gone and the touch of my husband's hand on my back doesn't bring agony. The only soreness I feel these days is the good healthy soreness of working my muscles. And that, my friends, is an amazing feeling. I encourage you to give this program a try. I honestly do not think you will be disappointed." 

- Jennifer D.


"I am 24 years old and have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Major Clinical Depression, and Anxiety. Doctors had constantly told me to exercise but with my depression and anxiety I hated going to the gym. Everyone else around me was so fit while I was barely able to walk normally.

One day I came across Autoimmune Strong and it gave me hope that one day I would be strong enough to get back to dancing the night away at a party. It was difficult at first to do the program every week but now that a buddy system was introduced it's been great having my buddy remind me to do the workouts. It's nice to know that if she can do it, I can do it! Some days I do feel pain but I try not to over push myself and try to keep in mind Andrea's words to do things at my own pace.

That's why I love this program, it's a program created for people like me. Usually programs are too hard for me to keep up physically but with this, I feel I can go at my own pace and it's not too harsh on the body. I have a long way to go but I know I can get to where I want to be. Thank you Andrea for this program and for being so closely involved with the Autoimmune Community!"

-Elizabeth S


I cried after watching the first video, because I have struggled so much with finding a movement specialist who understands how autoimmune illness works. To hear you talk about your journey, and to hear that you not only feel better, but actually feel healthy and strong and can now do "normal" exercise was a relief and an inspiration.

I'm doing great... I'm really excited. I'm a go getter and an over-doer, but I've also been incredibly ill for almost three years. So it has been a challenge for me to accept my limitations and not just charge ahead. But I stuck with [the program as recommended] and accepted that my abs and pelvic floor were weak and needed time to strengthen, and they are getting stronger every day. Thank you for creating this program.

-J. R.


I started Autoimmune Strong after my immunologist said that it’s been shown that a graded exercise program really helps people with Chronic Fatigue. 

I’ve also been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and was feeling extra tired (and unfit).  I needed something that didn’t cause a flare-up, was self-paced, affordable and I could do from home. This course fitted all those requirements. I’ve gone slowly with it at my own pace, but have already reached my first goal: to be able to do my housework! I’m feeling fitter and stronger than I have for years and have had no flare-ups from the program. People have also noticed that I am standing straighter and taller! Andrea is warm and bubbly and understanding and I find her instructional videos are easy to follow. I’m really grateful to have found this program having tried and failed at other programs.

-Anni R.

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I highly recommend this program to anyone with a chronic illness who has developed avoidance of certain activities for fear of fatigue and injury!

My main health concern is Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, which causes me to get fatigued and injured easily during most types of exercise, not to mention daily activities that most people take for granted, like carrying groceries, buckling my seat belt and typing on the computer.
Managing my symptoms requires good conditioning, so I've been on the lookout for a long time for an exercise program... I got immediately excited about Autoimmune Strong when I first heard about it because it is gentle and incremental and explains how to build strength while protecting the body.


I find [the videos] incredibly helpful. I can go through the exercises on my mat as a routine and apply the concepts while I am walking, sitting or washing dishes. I do feel more confident in going about my daily activities since I started, and feel like my arms and legs are having to work less because I'm more able to control my core and my posture. I love the foot and ankle exercises too, and feel less vulnerable to injury while taking my outdoor walks. 

-Sara R.


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