Why we MUST keep "climbing the ladder" to get stronger!


Now, I know what you are thinking. She wants me to climb a ladder??? She’s crazy!!

And you are right. I am crazy sometimes. But no- I don’t want you to climb an actual ladder.

What I am talking about is in reference to exercise progression. It's great to get your body moving, and start exercising. But...

If we do the same exercises all the time, we won’t get any stronger.

We will get really good at those exercises, but ultimately, we won’t see any major change in how our bodies feel. In order to see real change, we have to keep “climbing the ladder”- which means that we have to keep making the exercises a little more challenging, so that our bodies are continually challenged. That is what will make us stronger- we have to adapt to more pressure and intensity over time.

That is why the Autoimmune Strong has three levels. Level 1 is designed to get your body moving, build proper muscular and postural foundations, and teach you the basics of each exercise. This is the stage where you start feeling good, start feeling stronger, and fall in love with the exercises. And some people fall so much in love with these exercises that they stay there, and practice these exercises over and over again.

This is a great first step, but if you want to feel real lasting change in your body, at some point, you will have to leave the basic exercises, and challenge yourself to do the advanced section. For some people it can be scary- leaving the comfort of the exercises you have gotten so good at. But don’t worry- the Level 2 exercises were designed in a very specific way to challenge your body a little bit more, but not too much. And the best part is that the Level 2 exercises takes the same exercises you loved in Level 1 and just makes them a little bit harder. So you don’t have to learn new tricks, all you have to do is make a little adjustment, and you will continue to get stronger without flaring your body.

And when you complete Level 2, keep climbing that ladder, and get all the way up to Level 3.  

And here is what happens when you climb that ladder:

Autoimmune Strong has done wonders for me. It has worked so well that I am now at a place where I can manage my life, because of all the information and help you have provided.
— Jennifer S.
I am so happy with this program of yours, Andrea Wool. I started in December and I am now in week 2 of level 3. I can feel that I get stronger every day. I could not have done it without you because I was so afraid of flare-ups. I love that your positive energy has kept me on track.
— - V. Dilja

So… to get stronger, just like these women did, I encourage you to be consistent, and go through the entire three-month course! It’s self-paced, so it may take you longer than three months, and that’s just fine. As long as you continue progressing, and you continue to climb that ladder and challenge your body in the Autoimmune Strong way, you will continue to feel stronger, healthier and more vibrant.  

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