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Autoimmune Strong is dedicated to all the people out there who feel like nobody understands, like there are no solutions. It's for the people out there living an exhausted life, feeling listless, tired, lacking in energy, and unable to sleep. It's for the people who know there is more out there for them, but don’t know how to find it. 

All it takes is a choice.

Instead of accepting and living with our bodies as they are- I encourage you to take a moment to consider and evaluate your current body, and ask yourself, am I ready to try something different? Am I ready to make a change? If so...

Welcome to Autoimmune Strong. 

What does my membership to Autoimmune Strong include?  

Autoimmune Strong is a guided fitness & lifestyle program specifically tailored for individuals struggling with Autoimmune Disorders, Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, Chronic Pain  & Chronic Fatigue.


  • Access to a secure Autoimmune Strong member portal 
  • Instructional fitness videos that are designed to increase strength & flexibility without overworking the body. Using 10-30 minute fitness routines and limited equipment, it will be easy for you to incorporate strength and toning movements into your life. In each stage of the video progression, you will receive:

    • an introductory video telling you what to expect from each phase
    • instructional videos that will teach you the science and the technique behind each movement in each series
    • And a downloadable PDF file with specific workout routines to do each day
  • The Autoimmune Strong Food Guide Companion, to help support your fitness goals. In it you will receive:

    • Information about the benefits of eating nutrient dense foods
    • Easy to follow, step by step guidelines for making changes to your diet 
    • This will help increase your energy, decrease your inflammation, and make your Autoimmune Strong workouts that much better!
  • The Autoimmune Strong Lifestyle Companion, to help support your fitness goals. In it you will receive:

    • Simple lifestyle tips and tricks to decrease stress and increase energy.  
  • Access to the Autoimmune Strong community, which includes:

    • A free 30 minute call with me to ask any of your questions
    • Access to the private Autoimmune Strong Facebook community
    • and more to come...


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