My Favorite Exercise to Relieve Neck Pain


Many of us live with neck and back pain. This is often due to the fact that our lifestyles are not conducive to correct posture. We sit all day, we type of the computer, we text often, we drive while holding onto the steering wheel, and these things cause postural distortions that that look like this: 

  • Our necks jut forward

  • Our shoulders curl forward

  • Our upper back rounds

All of these posture issues combined propels our body to bend forward, so our spine doesn’t line up in one straight line. And this is what causes pain- when our spine is misaligned, our muscles are out of balance. Due to activities like computer work, driving and texting, our chest muscles (called pectorals) are overused and our upper back muscles are underused, too weak to counterbalance the overworked pectoral muscles… and our body doesn’t like it, so it sends pain signals to our brain. 

If you are experiencing this kind of pain (or even if you aren’t), try this exercise and let me know how it feels. It’s very simple, anyone can do it, and it feels oh so good. 

Andrea Wool