We can't let the scale control us!

This year, I committed to a new years resolution to take really good care of my body (you can read about that here). And I have succeeded! I have been working so so hard to get myself back to feeling good. I have been eating healthy- no sugar, no gluten, no processed foods, lots of healthy veggies and proteins. And I have gotten back to a consistent workout routine. Every day, I do something to move my body, Autoimmune Strong style.

But the other day, I got on the scale, and the number stared back at me. Despite all of my hard work, that number did not budge.I felt so let down, disappointed, and so mad at myself, and at my body, for being broken. It ruined my whole morning. Has this ever happened to you??? I was devastated

Later that day, I posted a video of this awesome new shoulder stretch routine on Instagram and Facebook. (Trust me- You need to try this exercise- it is such a good one to relieve shoulder, back and neck pain!) And as I posted the video, I was nervous. I thought of the number on the scale, and I looked at myself on the video, and I thought, maybe I shouldn't post this. But I did anyways, because seriously, this exercise is too good to keep to myself.

And then this happened. This lovely woman wrote this on my Facebook page:

"so I tried this stretch and I loved it... also I wanted to say that watching the clip, I found myself thinking I'd love to have a body like yours!!! Feminine and Strong!!!"

and then she asked me...

"Do you feel that way, even with autoimmune issues? If so, then there is hope for me."

And I realized that the answer to her question was YES!



And there is hope! Lots of it! And here is why:

I realized that I was totally missing the point. I had let the number on the scale ruin my day, totally wiping out any chance of celebrating the hard work and effort I had been making. And more importantly, I was completely ignoring the amazing changes that HAD happened.

I no longer feel fatigue and don't need a midday nap.

I have energy to play with my kids.

The bloating and swollen feeling in my gut has disappeared.

I am stronger, and the exercises that felt hard before now feel easy.

My skin is clearer and brighter.

And my clothes are even fitting better!

So- why do we care about the number on the scale?? We as a society have become obsessed with the scale, when there are other, much more important factors to pay attention to. I feel great, and that's all that matters.

I encourage you- don't let the scale dictate your self-worth. Focus on the things you can control- eating healthy and moving your body- and good things will come.

With Love,

Andrea Wool

CEO (Chief Exercise Officer), Autoimmune Strong

Andrea Wool