Happy New Year! A Confession Follow-up...


In my last blog post, I made a HUGE new years revelation to you. I confessed how my life had gotten so busy and complicated that I had put aside many of the things that are critically important for my own self care and health management. You can read that entire confession here.

And SO many of you responded with care and concern! I love hearing from you, so thank you for sharing your own stories right back with me.

But here is the thing- my story is not unique. I put aside my own self-care habits in order to focus more on caring for others. This is something we all do, right? We put other people’s needs before our own.

Finding balance between self-care and caring for others is extremely difficult. There are only so many hours in the day and we all have to make choices about how to spend them. These choices are HARD to make. I know that exercise makes me feel better, look better, sleep better, and have more energy throughout the day. But still, I struggle with the choices. I know my days are better when I exercise in the morning. Do I wake up early to exercise or do I choose to sleep? Do I spend my precious before work hours snuggling with my kids and getting them ready for school, or do I go do my Autoimmune Strong exercises? For me, those choices are super difficult because I want to do them all.

And then comes the bigger challenge- exercise is HARD WORK and I don’t always want to do it. Ok- there, I said it. Sometimes I moan and groan about doing my Autoimmune Strong exercises. Often, it’s easier to find something else to, rather than exercise. Even for me, finding the motivation deep within can be a challenge.

So, for these reasons, I designed Autoimmune Strong to be short, effective workouts that you can do at home. I didn’t want to have to spend hours exercising to be fit- I don’t have the time for that, or the mental energy. And more importantly, my body can’t handle that kind of pressure and intensity. That's why Autoimmune Strong exercises are designed to get you fit without taxing your immune system or causing a flare-up.

So in this new year, let’s make a resolution together to make choices to help improve our health that don’t take up too much time and energy in our days. Ten minutes of Autoimmune Strong every day, or every other day, or even every few days, can actually make a major impact in your body.

Check out how Julie, an Autoimmune Strong member, fits Autoimmune Strong into her busy life: (and you can follow her on Instagram @paleolifehouse to get a play by play commentary on her Autoimmune Strong experience)

"Because I know it only takes 5 minutes, and because I know how good I feel, I knew I needed to get Autoimmune Strong done and I am so glad I did! And I still had time to meal plan, journal, read, and have a relaxing night and had the energy to do so. Love how this program is teaching me consistency and trust in the process of not only the program but also healing my body"

So think of it this way: 

2017: Thank you for all the lessons learned. 

2018: Let's put that learning into action, and make a change. 

That's what I am trying to do for myself, and I hope you will join me!!! Let's make 2018 the year we do something different, the year we take a chance, and the year we put ourselves first. Together we can do our best to feel our best. We are not defined by our disease, so let's overcome. 

Tori Cox