Day 6: Saturday

Today is the first day of exercise planning and prep.

I want you to watch video 2 in the series: foam rolling. I also want you to watch the corresponding modification video.

Foam rolling is one of the cornerstones of Autoimmune Strong. For those of you who have done this before, you know that foam rolling is a major contributor to decreased pain and flare-up.

Today’s homework is to pick the correct tools for foam rolling.

There is no 1 right tool- there is just the right tool for you.


  1. Watch the foam rolling and corresponding modification video

  2. Check out the extras section

  3. Order your foam roller.

I can’t wait for you to begin this transformative process!

Please share on Facebook- are you excited about foam rolling? Are you nervous about it? Have you tried this before? If so- share your experience! You can email me too!

Bonus: If you have started abdominal bracing keep it up! Practice it again 1-3 times today, with a 1-30 second hold. If you are ready to start, click here to watch the video.

Andrea Wool