Success Stories

Don't just take it from me- here are Autoimmune Strong users who have experienced amazing transformations! 

"I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis when I was 35.  I struggled with exercising.  The days that I had the energy my back or hips were too sore to work out.  And the pain-free days seemed to be the ones that were also energy-free.  I am so grateful for Andrea's methods and guidance. Gone are the days when I squeeze everything in at the gym and hurt myself more.  I was always afraid that my next "good day" wasn't going to be soon enough to keep me in shape.   Thanks to Andrea and Autoimmune Strong, I am more limber and toned.  I am able to get through her exercises on my worst days and find that the daily motion has given me less painful days and has also increased my energy reserve.  I am a little autoimmune stronger every day.  Thank you Andrea! You have changed my life!"
Amy D.

I highly recommend this program to anyone with a chronic illness who has developed avoidance of certain activities for fear of fatigue and injury!
My main health concern is Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, which causes me to get fatigued and injured easily during most types of exercise, not to mention daily activities that most people take for granted, like carrying groceries, buckling my seat belt and typing on the computer.
Managing my symptoms requires good conditioning, so I've been on the lookout for a long time for an exercise program that could build my strength incrementally, making me stronger and less prone to injury, rather than trying yet another exercise routine that works great for most people but not for me. I got immediately excited about Autoimmune Strong when I first heard about it because it is gentle and incremental and explains how to build strength while protecting the body.
I have been going through the foundation videos and find them incredibly helpful. I can go through the exercises on my mat as a routine and apply the concepts while I am walking, sitting or washing dishes. I do feel more confident in going about my daily activities since I started, and feel like my arms and legs are having to work less because I'm more able to control my core and my posture. I love the foot and ankle exercises too, and feel less vulnerable to injury while taking my outdoor walks. 
Sara R.

When I started working with Andrea, I was experiencing chronic pain in my whole body, limiting my ability to work and enjoy life. I had worked with physical therapists for the pain, but was never able to get better. I wanted a way to get out of pain, to get stronger, and to create a plan I could do in my home, something I could commit to. 
Andrea's program gave me just that. Her exercises are easy to do at home, and progressed in a way that did increase strength without setting me back. After committing to the program, I started to see results. I had more energy, I started to gain muscle, and the pain was subsiding. Now I am able to work and live comfortably, without pain. 
Patty F.

With chronic back pain and arthritis, I had become afraid to move. Andrea taught me how to exercise in my "new" older body, how to gently but powerfully work out long unused muscles. My arms and core gained strength, but most importantly I became less afraid to move. I now am able to do things I always wanted to but couldn't- like yoga and stand-up paddle boarding.
Carolyn F.