Parsley & Spinach Pesto

True story, I eat a lot of chicken. And I am always looking for a way to create a new flavor. So when my husband bought parsley for a recipe that he never made, I was inspired to use the leftovers. Instead of letting that old parsley rot in my fridge, I turned it into a pesto variation, using only things I had in my pantry.  And I had a a-ha moment- this pesto is delicious! So I wanted to share it with you. It's so easy! There is only 1 step.  

Andrea's Pesto Alternative

1 bunch organic parsley

2 cups organic spinach

1/2 cups organic sprouts or micro-greens (for this one I used broccoli sprouts)

1/4 cup organic hemp seeds

1/4 cup organic cold-pressed olive oil

1 tsp Celtic sea salt

Add all ingredients to a food processor or a blender, and mix. And that's it!

It's a perfect, nutrient dense topping to almost anything- meat, salads, breads, cheese, nut mix, veggies, even on top of little sun-dried tomato boats. 

Show me all the creative ways you use YOUR pesto!!! I love it when you guys cook my food. It brings me such joy. 

5 Minute Healthy Lunch!


It's hard to find to for a quick healthy lunch, right? Well, here is an example of how it can be done. I got home from the gym and was SO hungry, so I whipped up this bowl of nutrient dense goodness.

3 Handfuls of Salad Greens

1 Handful of Romaine Lettuce (for crunch!)

1 Handful of Sprouts

Pickled Veggies (I used turnips and radishes but you can use anything you like!)

Turkey Roll-Ups

The essential thing about this meal is the quality of the ingredients.

I recommend eating organic veggies, to keep your body free of unwanted chemicals and pesticides. And as for the Turkey Roll-Up- look for hormone free, antibiotic free meat, organic if possible. I usually use the Whole Foods or Fresh Fields brand.

And finally, I dab a tiny bit of mayo and sprinkle a little salt on the turkey before I roll it up. I am cautious about mayonnaise due to the canola oil that is typically in it. Canola Oil is a processed food- and bleach is used in the refinement process- so I steer clear of it. (I recommend Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Mayonnaise- it's made with quality ingredients and uses Avocado Oil instead of Canola Oil. And I am not an affiliate, I just recommend it because I like it). 

So there you have it! Healthy Lunch, Quality Ingredients, in Less than 5 Minutes! Enjoy at home or take it to work. Yum!

Carrot Cake Cookies!

I was so inspired by this post by Twist of Lemons that I wanted to make my own adapted version of these cookies. For me, coconut is not always my friend, so I try to limit the use of coconut in my recipes. AND- I always try to cram as much protein as possible into my snacks, to keep my muscles strong and my skin glowing. This is a scrumptious way to combine veggies and protein for a yummy snack that still tastes like a treat. My kids love them!!!


1/2 cup chopped carrots*

1 cup organic raw cashews*

2 tsp organic coconut oil

1 tsp maple syrup or coconut flavored white balsamic vinegar**

1/2 tsp ginger, 1 tsp cinnamon & 1/2 tsp nutmeg

optional: 1 scoop vital proteins collagen peptides

*I love my food processor for chopping these types of items. It makes this recipe super quick and easy.

**For a lower sugar option, I like to substitute coconut flavored white balsamic vinegar. I buy mine at The Olive Tap.   


Chop carrots and cashews separately, then combine. Add all other ingredients and mix. Roll into messy, sticky balls (and don't worry if they aren't perfectly pretty, it's hard to make them look good until they set.) Refrigerate for 10 minutes, then roll the balls again, they will set up nicely. Enjoy!