Autoimmune Strong Presents:

How To Do Cardio Without Flare-Up So You Can Live Your Best Life

Do you want more energy, endurance and stamina, so you can be better prepared to live the life you deserve?

You're about to discover the secrets of how to get your old life back without the pain of constant flare-ups.


In this Masterclass, I'll teach you all about how to safely and effectively exercise without flare-up! 

We will cover the following topics: 

  • Why cardio is so difficult for people living with autoimmune disease even though it’s supposed to be good for us!

  • Why most people living with autoimmune disease are doing cardio incorrectly (and why it’s not their fault)

  • The key to incorporating cardio into your exercise routine without causing a flare-up

  • Why cardio doesn’t always help with weight loss when you live with autoimmune disease.

  • A step by step plan that shows you how to build up your exercise tolerance so that you can properly practice cardio and reap the benefits without the setbacks

    And much much more!

Join Andrea Wool, personal trainer and fellow autoimmune disease survivior on Wednesday June 12th at 12 noon eastern for this informative masterclass on doing cardio safely and effectively while living with autoimmune disease.

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