A “How To” Guide for Using The Autoimmune Strong Program


Welcome To Autoimmune Strong!

I am so excited that you are here.

To get you started, let’s cover first some housekeeping details:

First, this is the Member Portal. This will be your home for all exclusive Autoimmune Strong content. To navigate in and out of this portal, just click on the member button on the home page.

Next, as an Autoimmune Strong member, you get access to all Autoimmune Strong content. This includes: 

  • A guided exercise video series, composed of both instructional videos and workout routines. These are broken up into 3 phases, called Get Moving, Get Strong, and Get Sweaty. (To learn a little more about these 3 categories, click here)
  • A workout schedule calendar, to give you a recommended step by step guide as to what video to watch
  • A free food guide, describing Andrea’s food philosophy on how to eat to reduce pain and inflammation in the body
  • Access to the Autoimmune Strong Facebook community, where you can connect with other Autoimmune Strong members. This is a safe place to ask questions, share your experiences, your successes, your struggles, and to hear from others who can relate. (link to join)
  • An accountability buddy, if you want one. This means that you will get paired up with another Autoimmune Strong member, and you can support each other offline. Accountability buddies are meant to provide an extra level of support and encouragement for each other. How you do that is up to you. You can talk on the phone, text updates to each other, and share your struggles and successes as you continue on this exercise journey. Accountability buddies are there for additional positive encouragement and support. To request an accountability buddy, please email Andrea at andrea@getautoimmunestrong.com.
  • A free 30 minute one on one personal consult with Andrea, to ask any questions you want. To schedule that consult, click here.


To get started, please watch this welcome video below, and then head on over to the first Autoimmune Strong phase- called Get Moving.