5 Minute Healthy Lunch!


It's hard to find to for a quick healthy lunch, right? Well, here is an example of how it can be done. I got home from the gym and was SO hungry, so I whipped up this bowl of nutrient dense goodness.

3 Handfuls of Salad Greens

1 Handful of Romaine Lettuce (for crunch!)

1 Handful of Sprouts

Pickled Veggies (I used turnips and radishes but you can use anything you like!)

Turkey Roll-Ups

The essential thing about this meal is the quality of the ingredients.

I recommend eating organic veggies, to keep your body free of unwanted chemicals and pesticides. And as for the Turkey Roll-Up- look for hormone free, antibiotic free meat, organic if possible. I usually use the Whole Foods or Fresh Fields brand.

And finally, I dab a tiny bit of mayo and sprinkle a little salt on the turkey before I roll it up. I am cautious about mayonnaise due to the canola oil that is typically in it. Canola Oil is a processed food- and bleach is used in the refinement process- so I steer clear of it. (I recommend Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Mayonnaise- it's made with quality ingredients and uses Avocado Oil instead of Canola Oil. And I am not an affiliate, I just recommend it because I like it). 

So there you have it! Healthy Lunch, Quality Ingredients, in Less than 5 Minutes! Enjoy at home or take it to work. Yum!