Workout Foam Roller


In Video 2, we cover the technique of foam rolling. As I mention in the video, foam rolling can be painful in the beginning. Here are some extra tips to help you in your foam rolling journey. 

  • They make different types of foam rollers. The more firm the roller, the more intense the experience. Click Here for Equipment Info-  I provide links and descriptions for different types of foam rollers, so you can determine the best one for your body. 
  • Once you start foam rolling, you may find you can only do a little at a time. This is FINE! Your body will adapt over time- so even a little bit is better than nothing. You can even break it down to 1 body part a day. 
  • If foam rolling is simply too much, I recommend skipping video 2 and going to the advanced section video 2 instead. This will help you stretch before a workout, and will help to get you ready to return to the foam rolling.  Click Here To See The Advanced Video 2
  • Also, some of you may find that your wrists are not strong enough to handle the foam rolling. Check out the wrist strengthening video in the additional video library- it will help provide additional wrist support for you as you foam roll. Click Here to See the Wrist Strengthening Video

Andrea Wool