Advanced Level 2

Let’s Get Moving!


Printable Calendar

Keep track of your progress and goals with this printable calendar

How Get Moving Works:

1.  Print out calendar and follow the schedule.

2.  Watch the instructional videos as recommended by the calendar and learn how to do the movements.

3.  Follow the workout routines as recommended by the calendar to help you practice the exercises you learned.

4.  Listen to your body and take rest days when you need them. If you take extra rest days then recommended by the calendar, that's fine- just pick up where you left off.       


Notes on the Calendar:

The purpose of the calendar is to help you stay on track. So, you can print them out, hang them up, and cross off each day as you do your workout. 

You will notice that there are three different calendars: basic, advanced and expert. It is approximately a 3 month schedule. The day to day programming is the same in each section, it is the level of difficulty that changes. The first month you watch the videos in the basic level, the second month you watch the videos in the advanced level and the third month you watch the videos in the expert level.   

However, this schedule does not have to be set in stone. If you feel that you need extra rest days- take them! Just pick back up where you left off on the schedule. Or if you feel you aren't ready just to move on in difficulty and you want to repeat videos you already watched- that's fine too! This program is self paced, and you can use it in the way that you feel fits your body and your lifestyle best. 


Level 2 Instructional Videos


Level 2 Workout Routines


In the advanced section, you learn a second type of stretching called static stretching. Static stretching and foam rolling complement each other, and so I recommend foam rolling first, then static stretching, then proceeding with your workout. 

Of course, that does take more time, so you can rotate the stretching- alternate foam rolling and static stretching each day, so your body gets the benefits of both. They both have different impact on the body, so it's important to make sure you get both into your routine. 

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